Japanese Studio Project: Music Robot

During my trip to Japan during the winter session, my pairs and I were required to work on a project. This project was to created an animated music video for a song called “Mitasha na.” For my part of the project, I was tasked with working on the robot being used. To create the robot, I used a design from one of my pairs and altered it to be animated easier. In addition to the robot, I had to animate a corona for it after it consumed the sun. To create the corona, I messed around in photoshop and used Filter-Render-Difference Clouds. I used this method to show how the robot was attempting to convert the sun’s corona into it’s own. This project was definitely enjoyable, and thanks to my professors help, I had learned new ways to add more effects to my future work.


the-loud-mouthFish Destruction-Bot Construction

Fish Destruction-Bot Construction with platformFish-Destruction-Bot-Construction-Final-TestCorona-Changing

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