Advanced 3D Animation Project #1: Waiting

Character Sheet

Name: Matthew Conahay

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Occupation: College Students

Birthday: 08-16-1996

Personality: Sarcastic comments, always tired, doesn’t like to waste time

Common Actions: Checks his watch when he gets bored out of his mind

-Taps his foot at a rapid pace

-Goes bugged-eyed when he sees some fun or when he is trouble.

Classmates Critiques

-head snaps down

-good face expression

-rest of the body should have subtle movement at the arm spin

-dat door doh (nice)

-head looking down too sudden

-leg placement seems a bit odd

-still frame make animation/character seem dead.

-subtle movements are important stiff pose and animation.

-the arm movement in the beginning is not very smooth

-nice face expression>Maybe more radical expression change would be better.

-Hands don’t move at all but well done

-He looks very angry, so good job with the face. I’m not sure what he is doing with his own arm

-Just the feet

Self-Critique: For this project, what I think I did well was to keep the motion going in the animation. By that I mean how from the beginning to the near end of the animation, I was able to make my rig move even if the rig was slightly. In addition, I was able to make a strong emotion change with my rig’s face. For example, when my rig was turning his head, I was able to change e face from patience to getting infuriated and impatience. The one thing I think I could improve on is when my rig’s is moving his risk to show that he is impatience. For that part, I wanted to make the risk control better so that it is moving faster and more fluently.

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