Interactive Design Project 1: Photo Gallery

For my Interactive Design project, I needed to create my own online photo gallery. This photo gallery was suppose to have a at least 12 images the have a cohesive theme, a navigation to go forward and back to the photo gallery and local linking. For my photo gallery, I decided to base my gallery around vehicles that were or are still be used in the Army. The specific vehicles that I choose were Fighter Jets, Tanks and Attack Helicopters. With that in mind, I used 15 images with each section going down in Jet, Tank and Helicopter.

I choose the army as my theme because I admire the different variety of heavy artillery the army has to offer. For example, some of the jets, helicopters and tanks that I used were used by the army in WWII. Compared to the new models we have now, the ones used in the past can be considered both relics and how the army improved on their designs. In terms of designing my gallery; I’m excited I was able to make the links work and make links to take the view back to the photo gallery. In addition, the design is basic but the theme can be identified and the images work with the background. What I thought I can improve on was to organize the images better. For instance, I could have used tables in in the html to make the images more organized but the text would most likely not fit in well with the images. I can say that I am Proud with how my photo gallery came out.

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