Interactive Design Project 2: Artist Gallery

For this project in Interactive Design, I needed to create my own website for a famous artist. This website was suppose to have a at least 4 pages, a navigation that remains the same in each page, links that are working properly and the website needed to look like something the artist would make, or show respect to him. In addition, the websites needed to have the artist’s Biography, Major works, Photo Gallery and links to other relevant sites.

For my website, I had gotten “Hy Hirsh,” a famous filmographic artist who died in 1961. With that in mind, it was hard trying to keep the site simple but have good textures, backgrounds that would not distract the view and  links that would show his works and not pictures. The only works I could find were Come Closer 1952, Scratch Pad 1960 and Chasse des Touches 1959. Although I was able to find other images that were in these three films, I wasn’t able to find the videos for them. Also, I made the backgrounds myself and the three works that I listed earlier were used as inspiration. By that, I mean how my backgrounds closes resemble a part from Come Closer, Scratch Pad, Chasse des Touches but have small changes.

I like how I was able to keep the heading the same for every page. For instance, each page for my website has my link to take the viewer to and from a page that they were previously killed. Also, the backgrounds of the web pages came out better than I expected. For example, even though the view can zoom out to see the whole background, it is a secondary in comparison to what I want the view to look at. Even though the background might blend in the page for the Photo Gallery, it is still clear enough for the viewer to see the pictures and be ables to another site that is the other main pages.


Hy Hirsh Background1

Hy Hirsh Background2

Hy Hirsh Background3

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