Advanced 3D Animation Project #1: Emotional Change

Wyllie_Kevon_Character Sheet 2

Self Critique: Self-Critique: For the Emotional change project, 2 things that I think I did well was animating the face to change emotions and using executing the body language to match the emotion. For example, animating the face from having a excited smile to a confused disgusted frown came out better than I expected. As for the body language, the animation for that was smooth from the middle to the end. The body language match how my character was feeling and the motion of the body was in sync with the emotion change on the face. However, the beginning I could say could use some clean-up. By clean-up, I mean how it is a little choppy even though I used Graph editor, I still need to practice on the animation to make parts similar to that more smooth in the future.

In-Class Critique:

Ben: really skip, no spimel

Shanelle: blocky animation

Angel: confusing background

Alexis: static legs

Jazmyne: more movement with the body

Davon: use graph editor more

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