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Advance 3D Animation Project 3

From my experience, making a rig in general is hard enough as it is. Even though there are tutorials one mess up can ruin the rig making you have to start all over again. In addition, some parts to rigging … Continue reading

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Advanced 3D Animation Sketchbook/ Posebook Week #4 and #6

For Advance 3D Animation Class, I was suppose to do 5 sketches each that express the following emotions “Reserved, Spiteful, Disappointed, Trepidation, Smug and Curious.” in Weeks’ 4 and 6. In addition, I needed to make my Maya rigs express … Continue reading

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Art History II: Midterm Exam Essay

Kevon Wyllie Prof: Jason Bernagozzi March 8th, 2016 Art History 3513-02   Midterm Exam: Modernism into Post-Modernism   In today’s society, everyone expects artist to put meaning behind his or her art pieces. Whether the meaning can pleasant or hurtful, … Continue reading

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Interactive Design Project #3: Imaginary Business For this project in Interactive Design, I needed to create my own website for my own business. This website was suppose to have a at least 3 pages, a navigation that remains the same in each page, links that are … Continue reading

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