Interactive Design Project #5 Photoshop Draft: Ocean Danger Heirarchy


Ocean Danger Heirarchy  Ocean Danger Heirarchy BG_1

For my idea, I wanted to create a hierarchy of the most dangerous sea creature to the least dangerous. For the points, the “int1 and int2” should be used to position the boxes of where the animals icon is placed. The hierarchy should be like a ladder-like pyramid, going from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. As for the boxes themselves, they are interactive. Looking down, if the user clicks on one of the boxes, they blow up in size (basically the boolean will turn on). When the box turns on, it displays an image with information. For the background, I wanted to give the feeling that viewer is underwater, whether it’s close to the surface or towards to the bottom of the depths. Although, since the box is organic, they might need to be textualized to be user to understand.

Ocean Danger Heirarchy Dem. G.W.S.Page_Version2

int1= x cord./int2= y cord.

boolean = size (off=0%, on=130%)

string = background, opacity change,

float = sea creature icons, arrow icons

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