Interactive Design Final Project: NetKings’ Informer Website

For this final project, I need to create a site that not only responds to the system it’s viewed on, but it must also demonstrate strong, cohesive design and original created assets. In addition to that, it must include at least 1 browser-side interaction that was created in Javascript. For my site, I want to create a forum for gamers to talk about gaming, like exchanging experience and what they know about this game. Also, the more experienced gamer can try to influence the new gen. of gamers to play other games. For example, why is this game is good, what makes it so challenging and how can I get pass this certain boss.

Target Audience: gamers ranging from the age of 19 to 27(basically, late-teens to late 20s)

Example 1:

-the site is basic with

-the primary color isn’t overwhelming

-allows the user to sign up through facebook, twitter, yahoo, etc.

-It has tabs for “Recently Active, Recently Posted and Popular in the Last Day

What this site could improve on is to try limiting the discussions to 10 so that there isn’t a list of discussions covering most of the site.

Example 2:

-Displays a list of the most popular games up for discussion

-Displays recent links for news about other games but also movies as well

-Has multiply interactions on the toolbar set, takes the view to another window but also  remains the same.

Example 3:

-It has links in the toolbar for consoles such as PC, Xbox One, PS4

-Has ads the site recommends the view to click on

-Has a search bar to find other forums for is severe-side interaction

-The primary color doesn’t take up the majority of the space

What all these sites have in common is that they have the interactions on the bottom of the site. For instance, each site has their contacts, about, Facebook and Youtube link, etc. In addition, each site displays the discussions on the homepage of the site.

For my browser-side interaction, I plan on putting online ads. from gamestop. The the ads. will go in a cycle and the be links to gamestop. This way, if people want a hyperlink from my site to gamestop, they can just click on the ad itself or the logo to. In addition, I plan on adding a “Make a new Discussion” tab so that the user can make their own discussion regarding their own topic.

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