Gallery Write-Up: Robert C. Turner Gallery

Joshua Hershman, born in Colorado, started working with glass before graduating from California college of Arts in 2009. From graduating, he received a BFA with distinction. In his art pieces, he began to incorporate a variety of materials and experimental processes. The reason behind this is because of how he was born with no peripheral vision in addition to depth perception.However, due to decades of vision therapy, it gave Hershman a unique relationship with light and perception that currently guides his work. He uses the unconventional of light, photography, Sound, and cast glass to understand each individual visually and physically interprets that were in their own specific way.

Hershman’s artwork was displayed today in the “Robert C. Turner Gallery” in Alfred U. From going to his gallery, the artwork there was small in size but their appearance was quite fascinating. For his first piece, it is the “Sound Finding Form;”


Sound Finding Form: IMG_1154 IMG_1155

The materials used to make this piece was Aluminum, Steel, a Motor and a light source. The technique behind this was “Cast Aluminum.” From observing this art piece, it looks like a minicuer kraven rotating because of the motor under it.The light source is used to case a shadow on it while rotating. What particularly works well for the piece is the organic structure made with the aluminum. In addition, the light being used enhances it values making it look more impressive. By ‘enhancing’, I mean how light makes it look like the viewer is actually their. What Hershman could have done to make this better is to give the viewer more options to interact with the piece. For example, he could have put a button for the motor to change the speed of the rotation or the light to change the color to show different tones.

Satellite:IMG_1156 IMG_1157

This piece caught my attention immediately after Sound Finding Form. By looking at this art piece, it resembles a pendulum only instead of having a needle, it has a cube tied up rotating in a circle. A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. However, when the pendulum is displaced sideways from its resting, rotating position, the earth’s gravity restores its force that will accelerate it back to the rotating position. What I find particularly interesting about this piece is the relationship of the space the pendulum creates. For instance, since it keeps rotating, it creates a circle-like space in the center showing how far it is from the outside space. This means that Hershman intended to keep his piece rotating in that particular area. In addition, the cube itself. Even though it has it’s point focus on the bottom, it is kind of a good replacement for a needle point.



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