Gallery Write-Up: (The Sandbox) Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

Thorn’s and Erin Etheridge’s artwork was displayed today in the “Fosdick-Nelson Gallery” in Alfred U. From going to his gallery, the artworks were spaced out but their appearance was quite fascinating. For his first piece, it is the “Baptism;”


Erin Ethridge; Baptism:IMG_1161

From looking at this piece, the material is primarily black sand with a stone structure embedded into it. What particularly works well for this piece is the theme going for it. For example, I think the theme is ancient history for how it appearance resembles an ancient monument. Also, the name of this piece. The relationship of the name and the appearance of this piece could be that Ethridge was going for a monument that use to be a spot for giving baptisms to an ancient tribe.

Erin Ethridge; Nest:IMG_1160

After examining “Baptism,” the Nest immediately caught my eye. What I find interesting about this piece is its relationship between the appearance and the material.  From talking to the artist, Ethridge stated that she used sugar to give it a melting like appearance. From that, it can be said that relationship gives off an organic-like sense. In addition, the name and materials enhance each other. For instance, even though a nest is a set of similar objects of graduated sizes, made so that each smaller one fits into the next in size for storage, the the boxes covered in sugar make name name strong, while the name’s meaning in turn enhances the art piece. Basically, not only do they enhance each other, but they balance each other out.


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