Advanced 3D Animation Short Animation Critique: Reunion

This short animation was made from my colleagues who’re taking the same class as me. For their final project, each member had to benefit a certain type of work to the project. The benefits could have been character modeling, rigging the model, sound department, creating the scenes for the animation with the different camera angles or even texturing the and setting up the animation sequence. From watching the animation, it can be said that the quality in work is impressive. There is room for improvement but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Like I said earlier, the quality of the animation is impressive. For example, the fox’s animated walk cycle is smooth through out the video with the sound effects of crashing leaves and wind whistling in the air. Although there weren’t any leaves on the floor, I feel that the sounds added more of a forest surrounding to the animation that worked in their favor. Speaking of the forest. the background of the forest in general was put together really good. The textures on the trees, rocks and the ground definitely added to it. In addition, the animation is timing is good between the sound and the movement. For instance, the sound of leafs being crushed is timed right when the the fox takes a step. Also, the the sounds of rocks hitting the ground are also planned out. It makes the animation have a sense of reality.

The perspective of the fox searching for it’s ball is nice. In certain parts of the animation, the camera angle kept changing giving a sense of different viewpoints like someone is watching the fox like the audience. The space between the trees is balanced out nicely. The trees aren’t far apart so close together that they go through each other. The balanced out trees are another element that make the forest look realistic.

However, I have some ideas that this group could have worked on a bit better. The one is the movement in the tail. Throughout the whole short animation, the tail barely moved not even the tip. My suggestion, try to add more movement with not just the tip but the whole tail to make it look more alive and not just like a prop that is stuck to the model that has movement once in awhile. Also, the rocks being thrown out of the hole could have had a little more motion to it. Basically, when the rocks make contact to the ground, they should at least have a roll or a small bounce. By looking at the size of those rocks, they are not heavy enough to neither bounce or roll.

My Group’s site:

The Colleagues Group’s site:

My Colleague’s scenery;renderedenviroment04 renderedenviroment-01


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