Interactive Design Project 1: How Long the App Final Version

For this project, I had to design a prototype app that’s primary function was for scheduling. For my app, I focused on gaming, specifically how long a person would want to play his/her game for. Basically, not only does this app connect to an Xbox, PS4 or Steam account(considering that it is PC) to get your playtime records, but the app also compares and adds-up the play times spent on a game whether that specific game was played on at least 2 different softwares. For scheduling, this app is suppose to help players keep track of how much time they would put into a game so that way, the player wouldn’t invest too much time into the game.

Previously, i made a draft of what the scheduling app would look like. The link above is the finished product of the app. The finished version now allows the viewer to observe the pie graph comparing which console has the most time spent on one specific game. For instance, say you played grand theft auto 5 on a PS4, Xbox One and Steam. The pie chart highlights what console or system has the most time on it. In addition, the page for the game displays an icon of a pie chart so that the viewer can access the pie chart’s page.

prototype-xboxonepiechartpage prototype-nomansskycomparingpiechart prototype-gtavcomparingpiechart



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