Interactive Review: Forever playable game and a frustrating game to play


Have you ever played a game that you can play forever or a game that will frustrate you so much, you just want to break something? With today’s media that advertises numerous games, there’s bound to be a at least 2 games that fit into that category. For example take the game Bejeweled for a game that you could play forever and Highway Run as the game that is frustrating to play.

The game “Bejeweled” is a well known app in the gaming world. Thanks to it’s creator, “Pop Cop,” it comes in different formats. For example, “Bejeweled Diamond Mine, Bejeweled Blitz, Bejeweled Poker, Bejeweled Zen, Bejeweled Butterflies, Bejeweled Lightning and Bejeweled Get Stars. The one I will be specifically talking about is Bejeweled Classic. Like all the other versions, the player can interact with Bejeweled in the same way. You interact with this game by moving the gems horizontally or vertically to make a matching set of at least 3 to 5 in a row. To move the gems, you have to use your fingers to swipe it left, right, up or down to replace another gem. You also have to use your eyes to find an opportunity to make a matching set. The results of making a matching set of gems are simple: 3 in a row gives points and 4 in a row will give points and create a “chaos gem” in my opinion. If you match that chaos gem in another row of the same gem, it will explode a square-like radius of 3×3. Finally, 5 in a row will create a rotating cube. If the cube was swiped next to a gem, that lightning bolt will strike the same gem no matter the location. The interaction timing between the player swiping a gem and the gem moving is half a second. This speed is alright for how the the effects only take less than a second to happen. In short, this game is fun to play and the rewards are worth the effort. The rewards are worth it because it makes you plan your swipes For example, this game requires eye coordination and timing when you should make a specific matching set to cause a chain effect. That effect can destroy multiple gems at once like dealing a lot of damage from a combo attack. The result of this chain effect not only gives you achievement trophies but it also gives you a lot of points to boost your score.

Image result for bejeweled classicbejeweled_3_zen_mode_level_1 maxresdefault

The game “Highway Run” is an app for gaming. The interaction for this game is similar to Bejeweled. The player simply has to swipe left or right to make the car move towards the right or left row and swipe down to hold the brakes; however, the player is limited to swipe in four rows and the timing is slow. The timing for the brakes to happen in the game maybe .5 second as well was making the car turn in any of the 4 lanes but the car takes 1 second to fully stop. This proves as a problem when the enemy A.I.’s get ahead of you and stop at full force to stop the player. What frustrates me about this game is that I can’t fully control the speed of the car. When the game begins, it immediately starts the car, however,  the car only speeds up for every 3 seconds. The player can only stop the car, the player can’t control the speed fully, which makes the player have to react faster when another car comes in close distance.



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