Interactive Media Project 3: Interactive Art Concept Drawings

For this project, I need to create a interactive art that is poetic that subverts video game mediums. For my game, I wanted to create a game that revolves around death, specifically physically and mentally dead.  In other words, it’s like the player is in purgatory. The player is followed by this crow who tries to tell you that you should just accept death and move on. The problem is that the you can’t. The player can try to kill himself but it won’t do anything. For example, if you try to jump off a cliff, a flock of crows will bring you back and the crow that is following you will say that it’s useless. The man by the door is death. He won’t let you leave until you find out how you died and make sure that you accept the fact that your dead. He will give hints to where you can find clues to the goal.

scan-15 scan-16

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