Interactive Media: Juiciness Discussion

  1. come up with a concise definition of juiciness.

What makes a game so juicy, that a person would want to play that game again? The term juicy or “juiciness” refers to interesting, appealing or even profitable. I consider juiciness to be something the immediately catches the person’s attention. Basically, whether it’s the movies, games or a book, it has a certain push the makes the targets want to invest more time into this subject that they want to know more.


  1. Watch the following videos:

Random Heroes:

Super Time Force:


How are they similar?  How has Random Heroes ‘juiced’ their gameplay?  How has Super Time Force juiced theirs?

These two games have some similarities. One similarity was the movement. Both games allowed the played to move left or right, jump and even descend down a pathway to a lower part of the level. Another similarity was the shooting. The games had the same mechanic where the player would need to shoot the enemy a certain number of times to kill it.

The game “Random Heroes” had some traits that made it juicy. One trait was that it the option to buy guns. This game gives the player the option to pause the game and upgrade their arsenal with better handguns. In addition, it allows the player to buy better playable characters. These characters have better stats and the common payable player; better distance for jumping, better speed, etc. One more trait was the reward. If you kill the enemy, it leaves coins in its place. What makes these coins so valuable was that the player could spend it on buying new equipment and new characters.

The game “Super Time Force” has traits that make the game even juicier. This game has better shooting. For example, unlike “Random Heroes, this game allows the player to shoot in a diagonal direction when the player is running. Also, the game lets the player shot straight up. Another trait was that the player switch characters without spending a dime. The player can switch to 6 characters, each one having their own type of weapon and stats.

  1. Watch the following videos:

The Floor is Jelly:

Peggle:  (make sure to watch the clip at 4:30)

Come up with other examples of juicy games.

What ways are these games ‘juicy’?

The game “The Floor is Jelly” can be considered a juicy game. One way how this game is juicy is that it has an organic vibe. By organic, I mean how the player can bounce on the platforms. My opinion, I consider this to be a rare function in gaming because other games don’t have this function and usually stick to platforms that don’t move when the player lands on it. In addition, you can do more then bounce right side. Basically, the game allows the player to bounce upside down and side ways as well. This makes the game more juicy because it gives the player free momentum on how to bounce more then one way.

The game “Peggle” can also be considered a juicy game. One aspect of this game that makes it juicy was the interaction. One the player launches a ball at one of the targets, it makes a music sound. Also, when it hits multiple targets, one after the other, it causes a chain reaction of the same sound but at a slightly higher pitch. Lastly, when the player hits certain targets, it gives a boost allowing the place to get more points but for a short amount of time. That makes those certain targets more valuable then the usual ones.



Discuss: How would you ‘juice’ this game?  What are all the different ways?


When I played this game, I felt that it was all right for having the basic functions working but I also felt that it was lacking traits that would have made the game juicier. One trait I would suggest to add is power-ups. By power-up, I meant tools that could increase the player’s stat for a short period of time. Specifically, I think a power-up to increase the player’s speed would be a good one. For example, after playing the game for a while, moving at the same speed starts to get boring and made me lose more interest in playing the game. One more thing I would suggest adding different types of dogs. This option will give the player a variety in choosing what dog they are most comfortable with. The different dogs could have better stats like high jump and distance and even running faster.


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