Advanced 3D Modeling Texturing & Lighting Project 2: Still-Lifes

For this project, I was assigned with making 3 3d models that were a reflection on my personality. In addition, I needed to use the arnold rendering to enhance the material of my textures, in order to bring it out more. This also includes the lighting as well. For my three models, I made a pocket watch, the japanese katana key chain piece I had gotten from Japan and the Dark Star Saber from Transformers Prime.

This is a collage made using photoshop:advanced-3d-modeling-rendered-collage

It demonstrates the still lifes in different layers from the Arnold Preview renderer in Maya.

Direct Diffuse Layer: collector-final_direct-diffuse


Indirect Diffuse Layer: collector-final_indirect-diffuse


Refraction Layer: collector-final_refraction


Spectular Layer: collector-final_direct-spectular


A.O. Layer: collector-final_ao


Refraction/Opacity Layer: collector-final_refraction-opacity


Indirect Spectular Layer: collector-final_indirect-specular


Reflection Layer: collector-final_reflection

Using the Arnold Renderer in Maya was actually pretty useful. I made my textures look a lot better and it made my object pop out more. I will definitely be using arnold in my later projects and personal project in Maya for the near future.

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