Wyllie, Kevon_Advanced-Animation-Presentation: Non-Figurative_Animation_Mood-Board_Pitch


For the first part of my first project for Advanced Animation, I needed to create mood board that expresses a certain emotion. It needed to contain stylistic references only, not content references. The mood board needed at least 20 references. For example, a color palette, textures, styles, artist(s), artistic styles, a medium,  an art movement or period, etc.  I was given the word “lament.” My opinion, when I hear that word, I automatically think death, the grim reaper or any sprite is watching me feel sorrow and grief. Also, whenever I see a someone mourn the lost the of another’s death, I usually see a flock of crows in the distance and in old folklore, that meant that death is very near. So, I interpret the word ‘lament’ like the something creepy or disturbing is watching you I wanted to use that to my advantage.


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