Production 2 Satire/Surrealism Project: Sleep Paralysis

For this project for Production 2 class, we had to create a film up to 3 minutes about any topic I wanted that is both satire and surreal. For my topic, I chose Sleep Paralysis, specifically. the creepy and terrifying hallucinations that happen while a person is under sleep paralysis. The catch is that sometimes the hallucinations are real whether we want to accept it or not. I used my  personal experience of this and research to help motivate me to make this piece.

For editing, i was using the an opacity shift in Adobe Premiere Pro. I used that for camera editing because I wanted apply a more creepier vibe in my video. Similar to how horror movies have cut scenes, and different shifts in scenes to apply a connection between different scenes, I wanted to do the same thing. I used various different shots to make the video more interesting. The types of camera shots that I used were,mostly medium, over-the-shoulder, trucking, tracking, tilt up/down and zooming in with a fade to black. As for my creep, I wanted to keep it as a black silhouette but during a close up, the audience can barely make out his face. The lighting helped made the silhouette more 3D, almost like a faceless specter.

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