Senior Studio Journal #1

What do you want to be doing a year from now?  What do you need in your portfolio to get there?


What I want to do is one of two things: Either go for my master’s degree or do game animation and character modeling for a gaming company. To be specific, possibly an internship for people who recently graduated college with big name brands like Sony, Ubisoft, Bandai and Microsoft. If not game animation and character modeling, then cartoon animation with Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Warner Bros. Animation.


What I need in my portfolio is more animation project, specifically, projects that I have completed or things that I did to past the time. I also want to put in character designs and models that I have been working on and that I think are successful. The animation and character design will be 2D and 3D.

What is the best piece you’ve ever made? (bring it if you can)


Since my freshman year till now, I have rarely made works that I have considered to be my best. The two pieces that come to mind when I think about my best is my Bone study I did in freshman year and my still Life I did in junior year.

Bring your logline drafts/ideas so we can discuss


Logline #1: A young samurai struggles to perfect one move to gain his sensei’s approval even though he has already perfected it.


Logline #2: A decrepit old robot struggles to preserve what is left of Mother Nature in a forgotten barren wasteland.


Logline #3: A withered old flame struggles to get itself into a cabin to survive harsh winter.

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