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Demo Reel: Rough Draft

This is a draft for my demo reel. It is comprised of my best work whether it is 2d/3d animation or still lives and sketches. I was trying to go for a laid back vibe for each of my art … Continue reading

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Media Production Project 2: Macabre Thoughts

This was a collaborative project with Alex Mandzi. We were required to do a representative for an archetype and we choose “The Loner.” Basically, it was about how a person needed to let out all their frustration regardless if it … Continue reading

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Media Prod. 2 Project 1 Final Version

This is the final version to my previous post for Media Production 2. I added the ending along with Beginning and End credits. If you have feedback, please don’t be shy, tell me your opinion.

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Senior Portfolio Postcard Design 1

This was a design for a draft of the postcard for the Senior Showcase. I do plan to do another design in the near future.

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Media Production 2 First Draft (with Sound): Surreality

I went for Surreality using the use of Space and camera angles. For space, I wanted to give a sense of isolation the protagonist had where he could work. For camera angles, it was the use of  tight shots, medium … Continue reading

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