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Media Production Project 2: Macabre Thoughts

This was a collaborative project with Alex Mandzi. We were required to do a representative for an archetype and we choose “The Loner.” Basically, it was about how a person needed to let out all their frustration regardless if it … Continue reading

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Template 6-2-1 Rough Animatic

This was a small piece of the animation that I worked on for the final piece.

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Senior Studio Update: Template 4 Rough Animation

For an update on my Senior Thesis project, I am working on Template 4 of my storyboard for the animation. So far, I have this short rough animation of the flame wiggling around the logs so that it can get … Continue reading

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Motion Graphics Typography Animatic  

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Advanced 3D Modeling Texturing & Lighting Project 2: Still-Lifes

For this project, I was assigned with making 3 3d models that were a reflection on my personality. In addition, I needed to use the arnold rendering to enhance the material of my textures, in order to bring it out … Continue reading

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Interactive Media Project 2: Character and Level Design

For this project, I was suppose to create my own design and replace the assets to create a cohesive level scheme. Also, along with the design, the difficulty of the game needed to increase as the level of the game kept going. My level is based on floating islands suspended in … Continue reading

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