Media Prod. 2 Project 1 Final Version

This is the final version to my previous post for Media Production 2. I added the ending along with Beginning and End credits. If you have feedback, please don’t be shy, tell me your opinion.

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Senior Portfolio Postcard Design 1

This was a design for a draft of the postcard for the Senior Showcase. I do plan to do another design in the near future.

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Media Production 2 First Draft (with Sound): Surreality

I went for Surreality using the use of Space and camera angles. For space, I wanted to give a sense of isolation the protagonist had where he could work. For camera angles, it was the use of  tight shots, medium shots and long shots to help create the narrative.  I wanted to make the audience see things through the protagonist perspective, how he is hearing various people talking around him but no one is there.

These two screenshots are examples for the emotion I wanted the audience to get. The protagonist is annoyed and would rather concentrate on work then listen to people talk.

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Senior Portfolio Reviews

For this website, there are a lot of things that the owner could have done better. For starters, no about page. The owner may have a “Contact Me” page but there is nothing that tells the viewer about who he is, only a name which I am guessing is “Mathia Stakacs” from his email. Other than that, there is no resume or college he graduated from. He may have added his number and an email but the view needs more information. To add on, navigational problems. When scrolling through his 2D art, 3D art and animation, its just a long list of images and videos with a small title under it. There is no easy way for the viewer to scroll but up to the top faster making annoying for them. Lastly )and this personally drives me crazy), the fact that he said “I DO NOT NEED MY WEB SITE REBUILT. PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT MAKING MY WEB SITE BETTER!!!!” Honestly, if people keep telling you to improve upon your email that you are using to get a job in animation or somewhere else, you should make it better or at the very least, more presentable.

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Media Production 2 Assignment #1

For this assignment, I experimented with Turbulent Noise to cause a static effect. I messed around with Noise and added some rotation and evolution to make a weird transition effect.

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Senior Portfolio Calendar/Timeline

For my journal of Senior Portfolio, I created a calendar and Timeline of work I plan to do over the semester. Most likely, I tried to make this schedule flexible so that I could change my schedule if any outside elements come into play. I do hope that I will not need to change this schedule much in the near future.

Senior Portfolio Calendar

Senior Portfolio Timeline

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