Motion Graphics Typography Animatic


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Motion Graphics Typography MoodBoard


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Wyllie, Kevon_Advanced-Animation-Presentation: Non-Figurative_Animation_Mood-Board_Pitch


For the first part of my first project for Advanced Animation, I needed to create mood board that expresses a certain emotion. It needed to contain stylistic references only, not content references. The mood board needed at least 20 references. For example, a color palette, textures, styles, artist(s), artistic styles, a medium,  an art movement or period, etc.  I was given the word “lament.” My opinion, when I hear that word, I automatically think death, the grim reaper or any sprite is watching me feel sorrow and grief. Also, whenever I see a someone mourn the lost the of another’s death, I usually see a flock of crows in the distance and in old folklore, that meant that death is very near. So, I interpret the word ‘lament’ like the something creepy or disturbing is watching you I wanted to use that to my advantage.


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Advanced 3D Modeling, Texturing & Lighting Final Project: 3D Composite

For this project, I had to create a 3D model and edit it with lighting in maya to match the same lighting from a video that I recorded. This model was a 3D gun that I made over a year ago. The reason I chose this model is because I want to use one that I made instead of someone else model.

I used Arnold Lighting and Texturing on my model. I used default metallic plastic and enhanced it’s exposure to the light. When it came down to the lighting, I used a directional Light. I enhanced the intensity and decrease the shadow exposure. The reason I did that was because the light in the video was dull and I wanted to make sure that Arnold light would make the gun match that setting.

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Production 1 Final Project Version 2

For my final project for Production class, I was narrating a short story of procrastination that goes to far. The video needed to be at least 3 minutes long to 5 minutes.

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Interactive Media Final Project Demo

This is an demo of my game for my class. I have the basic mechanics working for my game.  For now, I’m using a demo character as an example for the move mechanics.

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Advanced 3D Modeling Texturing & Lighting Project 2: Still-Lifes

For this project, I was assigned with making 3 3d models that were a reflection on my personality. In addition, I needed to use the arnold rendering to enhance the material of my textures, in order to bring it out more. This also includes the lighting as well. For my three models, I made a pocket watch, the japanese katana key chain piece I had gotten from Japan and the Dark Star Saber from Transformers Prime.

This is a collage made using photoshop:advanced-3d-modeling-rendered-collage

It demonstrates the still lifes in different layers from the Arnold Preview renderer in Maya.

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