Senior Studio Project: Character Designs

So for my project, I choose my Logline, “A withered-old flame struggles to get to a cabin to survive harsh winter.” From this, I made character designs for the flame as the main character.

I was trying to decide between a flame with a mouth, arms and legs while the other only have eyes. I thought to myself, how do I make the flame stand out, so I decided that a flame with no mouth would be stronger because the character can express more body language to communicate its feeling  to the audience.


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Senior Studio Loglines & Moodboard

For Senior Studio, I needed to create a moodboard for each of my loglines.


Logline #1: A young samurai struggles to perfect one move to gain his sensei’s approval even though he has already perfected it.


Logline #2: A decrepit old robot struggles to preserve what is left of Mother Nature in a forgotten barren wasteland.

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Senior Studio Journal #1

What do you want to be doing a year from now?  What do you need in your portfolio to get there?


What I want to do is one of two things: Either go for my master’s degree or do game animation and character modeling for a gaming company. To be specific, possibly an internship for people who recently graduated college with big name brands like Sony, Ubisoft, Bandai and Microsoft. If not game animation and character modeling, then cartoon animation with Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Warner Bros. Animation.


What I need in my portfolio is more animation project, specifically, projects that I have completed or things that I did to past the time. I also want to put in character designs and models that I have been working on and that I think are successful. The animation and character design will be 2D and 3D.

What is the best piece you’ve ever made? (bring it if you can)


Since my freshman year till now, I have rarely made works that I have considered to be my best. The two pieces that come to mind when I think about my best is my Bone study I did in freshman year and my still Life I did in junior year.

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Motion Graphic Final Project: Opening Sequence

This was my final project for Motion Graphics Class. The project was to create an opening of a specific genre using a specific art movement. For mine, the genre was science fiction while the art movement was romanticism. For my project, I wanted to focus on the beauty and freedom that space has to offer. This means Nebulas, traveling through the stars, and planets. Instead of using spaceships, I decided to use the next best thing, comets. The comets were particles made in after effects. The Nebulas and planet were made in photoshop. The song that I used was a royalty free electric song.


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Maya Modeling: Freshmen Year vs. Junior Year

When I started using maya, I didn’t really know how to use it. My first time modeling, I didn’t really know how to use it. After some practicing with maya I got a better understanding of this program. The way how I practiced was creating 3D models of things that I liked and I liked weapons. For this post, I want to show a comparison of my modeling kills that I had in freshman year of college versus junior year of college. The comparison will be weapons that I made freshman year and junior year. Also, I would like the record to show that I used weapons that actually existed as reference. In addition, i will also show the geometry of each weapon.

Freshman Year


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Production 2 Project 2: Adaptation for Literature

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Motion Graphics Journal 5: Animating Masks

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