Senior Studio Animation Update

This is part of my animation I am working for for my Senior Thesis Senior Studio Class. For now, I have the base frames and the in-between frames done up to the end where eyes are turning. I had to update my schedule to keep up with the pace i’m in but I should have the rest of the in-between frames by the end of the week for this template.

As for this part, this is a rough animatic of the base frames that need in-between frames.

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Senior Studio Journal: Base Flame Animation

This was a small animation that I did for my Senior Thesis. I know that I need to fix up on some of the frames for the flame, especially towards the end. I don’t know why the gif is running better than the video. I need to check that out.

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Senior Studio Storyboard Update

As I said last week, I updated and completed my storyboard for my Senior Thesis. If you want to look at it, the link is down below.



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Senior Studio: Character Animatic

This a rough animatic on my animation I did. Right now, i’m doing Template 3 from my storyboard because I consider it to be the easiest one out of the templates. I intend to complete the animation of Template three by next week Tuesday. For now, I worked on the main frames for the beginning of the fire and did the base frames for the Eyes. I intend to finish the animation and animated the eyes looking around as well as the entire flame have motion to make it more alive.



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Senior Studio: Senior Thesis Storyboard

This is the storyboard that I did for the logline that I chose for my Senior Thesis. In addition, I changed my logline so that way, it would match how things are set out in the storyboard templates; “A small flames struggles to get to a cabin to survive harsh winter.” For the animation, I will be doing 2D animation using Medabang Paint Pro, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Primiere Pro. For now I need to finish template 4 and 5 and I will update this post later.

Storyboard Template #1

Storyboard Template #2

Storyboard Template #3

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Senior Studio Storyboard Prototype

This was a short storyboard that I did for my Logline, “A withered old flame struggles to to get to a cabin through harsh winter.”

From constructive criticism, the climax is good but I need to communicate more with the audience more and not leave out information. I also need to have only the key frames ad not the in-between frames.


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“Reality Practice” Review

On Thursday during the afternoon, I attended a talk with several of my classmates in Binns Merrill Hall located on Alfred University’s campus grounds. The talk was held by a 2001 graduate, “Desiree Des” would earned Bachelors in Fine Arts from Alfred U.  The talk that Des held was about how she was how she experienced being an artist in the real world. For example, the examples and struggles and obstacles she experienced.

Desire Des talks about her experiences of being an artist in the real world. In terms of living, she lived in the Big Apple, New York City. Now everyone knows that living in New York, especially living in one of the 5 burrows is expensive and Manhattan won that category hands down. She stated that she lived in a small apartment and turned one of the rooms into her own studio. With the information, she later stated that working in that small space. As for employment, she worked as a secretary and as a personal secretary while attend and after graduating from Hunter College. When it came to galleries, she used her own apartment or sometimes one of her friends apartments as the location for the gallery.

Working in small room, she couldn’t get much of her projects down but continued to pursue them. Even when she graduated from Hunter college with her masters, her projects had positive results on the community, including the “don’t honky if your horny.” Des made bumper stickers and passed them out to cars held in traffic in Manhattan. The outcome is very positive making the artwork a success. One more art piece that she did was having local civilians compare her art work from one view to the other. She saw her piece on a billboard and made small pocket sized versions of said artwork. When people looked, they were amazed to see it and notice it that it was in front of theme all this time.

Overall, hearing what Desiree Des had to say, it gave more insight on how i thought it was going to be like being an artist in the real world. She is successful because she knew the right people and went out of her comfort zone to get the connections she needed even dealing with anxiety issues. In a way, it was the people she meet that helped become successful, like the famous quote, “it takes a village to raise a child.” From listening to her story, I know that being an artist and making your mark in today’s world is very difficult but then again, we all knew it was going to be like that. Honestly, I hope that after I graduate from Alfred State, I too will find the right people to help me make my name known in today’s world.

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